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Biandan hook (commonly known as: oil grasshopper, grasshopper) is very common in bionic Asia. Through the structure of the appearance, combined with the comfortable angle when people lie down, the structural characteristics of the flattened hook and the length of the feet are elongated and look up. Prepare the jumping action to do the design idea.Material: stainless steel square tube, bent wood
理念:仿生亞洲地區非常常見的 - 扁旦勾(俗稱:油螞蚱、草蜢子)透過外型的結構,結合人躺臥時舒適的角度,把扁旦勾的構造特色以及腳長伸長仰望預備跳耀的動作來做設計構思。
材料: 不鏽鋼方管、曲木

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