/LENOVIA 電動自行車
LENOVIA  - Electronic Motorbike
The Original Rough Concept Design
這台車參考了蜂鳥的造型+我家釘書機的造型做設計(超奇葩XD),透過大幾何塊面的造型把電動車做的比較有安全感一點???,前面電燈是想作直條形狀LED,感覺比較不一樣,其實我也不知道這個幹嘛,但就覺得好玩哈哈哈! 主要的客群還是想設定跟當初大學畢製定義的學生族群也可以騎的電動自行車。

Certainly, here's a more fluent version:
I created this design shortly after completing a client project in early September. It had been a while since I had the opportunity to design a product, so I decided to take out my sketchbook and let my creativity flow, XD.
For this bike, I drew inspiration from the graceful form of a hummingbird and even my home stapler (a rather unusual source, XD). My intention was to create a design that exudes a sense of safety through its prominent geometric shapes. The front light, designed as a straight LED bar, was a touch I added for a unique look. Honestly, I'm not entirely sure why I did it, but it felt enjoyable and playful, hahaha!
The primary target audience for this design remains the student demographic that I defined for my college thesis project – those who can appreciate the experience of riding an electric bicycle.
3D Render

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