I want to help people with knee injuries to create a convenient and comfortable home-consumable rehabilitation joint support, and combine smart medical and IOT to help patients self-test, teach patients how to use this product for rehabilitation, and give them a shape Comfortable experience for patients, so that they will no longer miss the golden recovery period due to poor rehabilitation! This product will also transmit the synchronized data to the doctor to track the situation and prescribe the right medicine! In the future, it can be used as a medical knee pad to help users protect their knees, and can also record foot movements at the same time Data, increase the age of use of products, and achieve the concept of environmental protection and sustainability!
/Material:The inner bracket is made of environmentally friendly seeds to regenerate and decompose plastic, and the outer layer is made of environmentally friendly leather, which can not only be directly buried in the soil to decompose, but also grow plants! The overall environmental protection and lightweight
The Scanner
2021 The James Dyson Award - Student Collect Concept

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